Since you clicked on the Dolphins, I guess I will tell you a little bit about myself.
Better click the back button fast because this has nothing to do with work.

Born and raised on (and in) Mobile Bay-(pronounced Moe-Bill dagnabit!)
I joined the Navy when I was 17, yes-straight out of high school.Why you might ask…….none of your business
-just kidding
Did not have any money to go to college and I partied too much in high school to get a scholarship, there-you happy!!!
Why did you choose the Navy-(boy do I hate nosey people…)
I went to the four branches (sorry USCG) and researched their hardest programs-mental programs-I am no SEAL…
Newsweek rated the Naval Nuclear Power program as the hardest collegiate program in the US,
(Higher than MIT-a fact that makes me very proud.), with a strict entrance process and a 75% attrition rate, I knew it was for me.
After learning how to glow in the dark I volunteered for Submarine Service.

that makes me a Sub-Mariner not a Sub-Marine-er
I was lucky enough to be chosen for the best Sub in the Navy-no joke.
A fast attack spec op (special operations) boat out of Hawaii, we consistently scored excellent on our ORSE exams (rare to say the least) and consistently received the Battle E.
“We were the S#!&” to put it in nautical terms.
Been through every longitude and 3/4 of the latitude, we got around.
I had the pleasure of working with numerous specialized groups and the best of the best.
If you are one of them-it was my extreme honor to work beside you.

Very family oriented, so after the Navy I went back home.
I have two sisters, of whom I am very proud and have the utmost respect.
One is a CPA who has her own firm, Karen C. Simmons, PC and the other who owned her own business, which she ran with such diligence and pride that it astounded me.She recently sold the business so she could teach at her kids private school. They both amaze me. Not bad for three kids who grew up dirt poor on the Parkway.

Immediately upon my honorable discharge I started at the University of South Alabama, a very underrated college.
Three years later I received my BS in Mechanical Engineering. (yeap, three years 🙂 )
I was inducted into Pi Tau Sigma (an engineering honor society-must be top 3%) and missed graduating with honors by a very very small fraction (thank you very much Dr. Zheng!!!-can’t follow my work my arse-I was always the first one to be done and the answers on both finals were 100% correct…. ohhhhhh….uuuhhhgggg… the agony.. haunts me to this day)
I wanted to get a tri-major in Physics and Math but the Dean of Engineering would not let me get co-majors while getting my BSME, Department policy :(.I was set to go for my Masters/Doctorate in Engineering, however, that was side tracked when I met my wife.
Who would Marry me- YOU GO TOO FAR!!!
Who-The most beautiful and talented woman I have ever met (wife’s addendum- “or will ever meet”).
She was the lead singer for a regional rock group (she plays piano, horn, guitar etc…which fills the house)and I instantly fell in love the first time I met her and I’m smitten to this day (even though she is more than a little crazy).
-I know-kissy kissy goo goo – get ready-here comes more
her inner joy for life, her spirit have taught me more than I will ever admit. She unwittingly guides my life, my character and gives me true meaning.

ok, back to being a man–
Fate being a kind friend, while I was still in school, I was sought out by Marine Exhaust Systems of Alabama and I could not ask for a better job… BUT DON’T STOP ASKING.
I was starting my senior year when I started receiving calls with job offers.
I interviewed at Marine Exhaust and knew it was destined to be. Felt right.

Challenging, engaging, and believe me-none stop, day and night. Every facet of every job I think.
Sales-which I never thought I’d do and better yet, never thought I’d be good at…(People really appreciate my frank honesty-I won’t and don’t Bull$#!*), Design-which I truly love, Marketing, Advertising, Purchasing, Quality Control, Research, Technical Support, Network Administrator (I put our network together-fun stuff)and much more (not to mention the fun I get to have building and maintaining this web site)
Every day is worthwhiled and exciting
The OJT given to me freely (and daily) by our superior machinist, welders and fittershave become invaluable. If you have talked to me on the phone, you know how I brag on the superiority of our craftsmen.
Shortly after meeting my wife and landing the perfect job, not shotgun short but there was no time wasted if you know what I mean-and I think you do, we had our first daughter.
The second joy of my life-(1st joy being my wife, Family First always)-and she is just like her mother. Brilliant and Beautiful, she scored Post High School on on her second, fifth and sixth grade SAT’s!!! and now in 7th grade she has scored high enough on the ACT to actually get into college 🙂
A couple of years after our first daughter was born, we had our second girl, another miracle and yes-still just like her mother–thank God. And yes she scored post high school on her second and fifth grade SAT’s as well!!!
I love them soooo much!! They have sooo much of their mother in them-how could I not, and both are way smarter than I will ever be…

Somewhere in between our two kids we found the perfect dog, and I do mean perfect. A gift from God, true member of the family.

Heaven just got a little brighter…She passed April 2009-may she rest in peace.

Now, My wife finished her Masters in Speech Pathology at South with honors and started her new career, so very proud.
All through grad school, she did not make anything below an A!!! and moving forward I truly feel she has found her calling 🙂
Me, I am now the owner of Marine Exhaust 🙂 and I have plans to get my PE License some time in the distant future-this may be impossible as I have no PE to work under…) and I plan to go back to college for my MBA, CWI and masters when my wife lets me. (Maybe get Marine Exhaust to pay for it…JUST KIDDING… wink wink)

Well-that’s me or atleast my perception of me. I love my family and my job, life is good.
and now to play with some more PHP :)]]>

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Maxim Silencers, Inc. – Silencer Sizing Sheet



Silencer Sizing Sheet


Sizing data requested is minimum required to size a silencer. Other pertinent data such as connection sizes, degree of silencing desired, support arrangements, material of construction, installation arrangement, etc. are helpful in determining the best silencer application. Please provide as much information about your system as possible.

ENGINE EXHAUST – Models M21, M31, M41, M51, MSA1, MSA2, MSA3, MSA4, MT21, MT31, MT41

1. Silencer Model Considered _______________________________________
2. Maximum Exhaust Gas Flow Rate ___________ ACFM ___________ PPH o C
3. Maximum Exhaust Gas Temp. ________________ o F __________
4. Maximum Allowable Press. Drop ________________________ Inches WC
5. Other considerations: ___________________________________________


1. Silencer Model Considered ______________________________________
2. Maximum Exhaust Gas Flow Rate __________ ACFM ____________ PPH o C
3. Maximum Exhaust Gas Temp. ________________ o F __________
4. Maximum Allowable Press. Drop ________________________ Inches WC
5. Water injection rate ________________________________________GPM
6. Other considerations: ___________________________________________

VENT SERVICE – Models VT-S, VT-1, VT-2, VT-3


1. Maximum Pressure Upstream of Valve ________________________ PSIG
(or Pressure Controlling Device)

2. Maximum Temperature Upstream _____________ o F ____________ o C
3. Type of Gas __________________________________________________
4. Maximum weight flow rate ________________________________ PPH
5. Silenced noise criteria dBA and applicable distance from silencer to which
criteria applies: _________________ silenced dBA at _____________ feet.
6. Other considerations: _________________________________________



1. Intake Air Flow ____________________PPH ___________________SCFM
2. Intake Temperature ________________ o F ___________________ o C
3. Maximum Allowable Press. Drop _________________________ Inches WC
4. Equipment to be used on: ______________________________________
5. Other considerations: _________________________________________

PRESSURE SERVICE – ASME Code Design – Models ILL and ILM

1. Type of Gas ___________________ Molecular Weight _________________
2. Maximum Mass Flow Rate __________________________________PPH
3. Upstream of Valve Pressure______________________________________
Temperature _________________ o F _____________ o C
4. Downstream of Valve Pressure __________________________________
Temperature _________________ o F _____________ o C
5. Other considerations: ___________________________________________


1. Silencer Model Considered _____________________________________
2. Maximum Gas Flow Rate __________________________________ SCFM o C
3. Operating Gas Temp. _________________ o F _______________
4. Operating Gas Pressure _____________________________________PSIG
5. Maximum Allowable Press. Drop ________________________ Inches WC
6. Other considerations: __________________________________________

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Please e-mail Mark Coulson or call 1-251-928-1234.


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Maxim Silencers, Inc. – Specification Sheets



Quick Reference Guide


In simple terms, silencing is the act of reducing noise to an acceptable level for the location or working conditions surrounding the noise producing equipment. MAXIM’s money saving line of stock silencers readily solves noise problems of many applications. Comparison of the typical attenuation curves for individual silencer models will show the relative capabilities of different designs.

MODELS M21, M31, M41, M51 AND MUL

Chamber type silencers provide the best noise control across the entire audible range. The basic design incorporates non-resonant side tube arrangements to permit passage of the exhaust gases from one chamber to another. This creates a reversal of flow and develops a predictable amount of back pressure. Another important feature of chamber type silencers is the availability of side inlet exhaust connections. Units of this type, except for spark arrestor designs, can also be supplied with side outlet exhaust connections. These side connections, while having little effect on the pressure drop, will in many instances, greatly facilitate installation of the silencer by eliminating the need for elbows in the piping.


M21Good chamber type silencer. Use in areas where background noise is relatively high and constant and the need for higher degree of silencing is minimal. Expected attenuation is 17 to 20 dBA.M31Better chamber type silencer for residential areas where background noise is present but not objectionable. With expected attenuation of 20 to 24 dBA, the M31 is intended to bring most exhaust noise levels down to match the ambient noise levels.M41Excellent chamber type silencer. Use an M41 in quiet residential area where background noise is relatively low and critical grade silencing is desired. Expected attenuation is 24 to 28 dBA.M51Best chamber type silencer for “Hospital Grade” silencing. Use an M51 for the highest degree of silencing for areas requiring the maximum noise reduction available from standard chambered silencer design. Expected attenuation is 28 to 32 dBA.MULThe MUL is comparable to the M31 for pipe thread sizes 1″ to 31/2″. COMPACT CHAMBER TYPE SILENCERS

Compact design is engineered to provide a “critical” grade of attenuation while minimizing space usage. Excellent application for packaged power and process skids where space is a
premium. Dual inlets and other custom designs can be easily incorporated.  Low Temperature design not only reduces skin temperature, but radiated noise as well.  Heavy duty, welded construction with temperature resistant insulation within a double wall construction. The inlet and outlets are standard with ANSI drilled 125/150 lb flanges. Standard finish is high temperature resistant silicone black. Alternate finishes may be available upon request. Standard material is carbon steel. Stainless steel is optional.


MD26Expected attenuation is 28-32 dBAMD36Expected attenuation is 33-37 dBA



Spark arrestor silencers have application in marine service, refineries and other hazardous environments. These are chamber type designs. Theretention of hot carbon and soot particles minimizes danger and helps to provide a cleaner area and atmosphere.


MSA1Highly efficient spark arrestor silencer with M21 attenuation characteristics. Expected attenuation is 17 to 20 dBA.MSA2Highly efficient spark arrestor silencer with M31 attenuation characteristics. Expected attenuation is 20 to 24 dBA.MSA3Highly efficient spark arrestor silencer with M41 attenuation characteristics. Expected attenuation is 24 to 28 dBA.MSA4Highly efficient spark arrestor silencer with M51 attenuation characteristics. Expected attenuation is 28 to 32 dBA. 


Straight through silencers have an unobstructed passage through the silencer with no reversal of flow. The result is a pressure drop across the silencer only slightly above that caused by an equivalent length of pipe. Side connections are not practical in this design due to increase in pressure drop and price. Since noise attenuation provided by straight through design is less than that provided by chamber design silencers incorporating a reversal of flow, the MT series is best used in applications where low pressure drop is the primary consideration.


MT21For noise control applications requiring low pressure drop. Expected attenuation is 13 to 16 dBA.MT31For average attenuation of objectionable noise where effective though not complete silencing is required with low pressure drop. Expected attenuation is 16 to 19 dBA.MT41For better than average noise attenuation with low pressure drop requirements. Expected attenuation is 19 to 22 dBA. 


Constructed of stainless steel, the MAXIM MP series silencers are available for wet marine engine exhaust applications. Water is injected upstream of the silencer in sufficient quantity to reduce the exhaust temperature to a maximum of 200o F. The MP-11 may be installed in series with an MP-31 or MP-41 to provide additional attenuation.


MP-11Low pressure drop with good performance. Expected attenuation is 15 to 18 dBA.MP-31Medium pressure drop with better performance. Expected attenuation is 20 to 25 dBA.MP-41Highest performance for a wet exhaust application. Expected attenuation is 30 to 35 dBA. 


The MAXIM VT series silencers are designed to attenuate high frequency noise associated with venting of high pressure air, gas or steam to atmosphere. These ruggedly designed silencers feature all welded construction with concentric acoustically packed panels.


VT-1Good vent silencer for controlling noise generated by pressurized gases released to atmospheric pressure. Expected attenuation is 35 to 40 dBA.VT-2Better vent silencer for controlling noise generated by pressurized gases released to atmospheric pressure. Expected attenuation is 42 to 45 dBA.VT-3Best vent silencer for controlling noise generated by pressurized
gases released to atmospheric pressure. Expected attenuation is 50 to 55 dBA. 


Intake models are built “cleaned for intake service.” The FPE model in stock sizes 4″ through 12″ is also built clean for intake use and may be substituted for the FP. The “E” designation on any FP design indicates that the silencer is built to withstand hot engine exhaust service.

Absorptive silencer designs are compact and have low pressure drops. They are ideal for many applications for fan intakes and discharges, engine air intakes, small steam vents and centrifugal compressor inlets where absorption of high frequency noise is important. An FPE, FPCE, FPSE installed in series with an M-line chamber type silencer, can provide 10-20 enhancement of the overall dBA silenced exhaust noise of a reciprocating engine. Addition of an absorptive design silencer may improve the overall attenuation of the system by 10 to 20 dBA.

SILENCER MODELFP / FPEStraight through, absorptive silencer design with no center panel for low pressure drop service. Expected attenuation is 20 dBA.FPC / FPCESimilar to the FPE but with an internal center panel which displaces part of the nominal flow area. Pressure drop is higher but the FPC is more compact in diameter, length and weight. Available in sizes 14″ and up, the FPC is excellent for engine and compressor intakes and fan intakes and discharges. Expected attenuation is 20 to 25 dBA.FPS / FPSEDesigned with a center panel, the FPS / FPSE body diameter is enlarged to enable an annular flow passage equal to the full nominal flow area. Pressure drop is intermediate between the FP and FPC models. Expected attenuation is 15 to 30 dBA. 


Designed to ASME Code, MAXIM offers the models ILL and ILM to reduce the noise generated by valves and compressors. Typical noise reductions associated with high pressure applications is within the range of 15 dBA to 30 dBA.


Highly efficient in acoustic design, the MB series is used to reduce the noise radiating from blower piping or blower opening. Typical applications are for rotary positive blower intake and discharge, vacuum pump intake and discharge, and centrifugal blower intake and discharge.

SILENCER MODELMB11With its straight through acoustically packed design the MB11 offers good silencing for many blower applications. Typical attenuation is 15 to 30 dBA.MB21An efficient economical design, the MB21 is useful for blower noise reduction in applications where some background noise is always present and high degree silencing is not required. Typical attenuation is about 24 dBA.MB31A superior design, the MB31 incorporates an acoustically packed connection with a chamber type design to offer a high degree of attenuation of blower intake or discharge noise. Typical attenuation is about 30 dBA.
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Please e-mail Mark Coulson or call 1-251-928-1234.


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Here are some brief descriptions of some of thework we do.
For pictures of individual parts, please visit the online catalog and click onthe model number. I will upload pic’s as I take them.


Series 40 Detroit/ Navistar International 530E Full heat exchanger kit

This is a great kit, smooth package. Very proud of everyone involved in its creation.

If interested, please give Ken McMahan a call at 1-941-504-5978.

I hope to have a small Yanmar engine in house soon, if so-I’ll certainly upload the pics


A customer could not find a souce for this manifold, so he shipped it in and we duplicated it.

Old Ford Lehman Water Cooled Manifold                                New Ford Lehman Water Cooled Manifold

I hope to have a Perking 1004 engine in house shortly and I have a range 4 6.354 (6.354.4) in route to prototype a modular marine kit. Omitting the need for the $9000.00 manicooler!!!

Hino Turbo Chargers- The customer shipped in the original units for identification. Sourced out relatively cheap replacements all the way in Japan, small world….

CustomCollector Riser completed using Inconel 625 and Stainless Steel 316L. Patternedfrom the old failed unit.

Detroit 8V71TARH Manifold to Turbo Dry Ell oem# 51416104

Superior 8G825 Water Cooled Manifold built using an old,failed unit for a pattern.

Custom Collector Risers and ells built to order usingInconel 625 and Stainless Steel 316L

These are Water Cooled Surge Chambers using Inconel 625 andStainless Steel 316L

This is the Guascor SF240TA, a hell of an engine, with ourone piece water cooled manifold.

If interested please contact Warren with Reagan Equipment at1-800-237-3160

This is the John Deere 6081 Powertech Engine with our watercooled manifold.

If interested please contact Dale with Reagan Equipment at1-800-237-3160

Custom Water Jacketed Risers built for Klosterman Marine1-251-602-6765

Stainless Steel 316L exterior and Inconel 625 interior-builtto last

This is a Volvo 1630 that Grant Prideco sent in to have the manifold redesigned to meet EPA regulations

An individual sent in a dry manifold and some outstanding pics of the engine sothat we could build a water cooled manifold for his Kubota V2203E.


This is the redesigned interior for a Guascor center section. The turbo flangewas extended one inch to allow for more clearance on the engine.

FDGM needed a Stainless water cooled manifold to replace the existing on theIF1308 Isotta Fraschini Engine.

A Cummins distributor required this Onan V549 to be duplicated and producable,Our model 366.

The Perkins 510 Stainless Steel Water Cooled Manifold and Riser, our models 565and 578.
Our manifold has its centerline pushed away from the engine approximately oneinch.

This is a 316L stainless steel Perkins 6.354.4 water cooled turbo adapter. OurModel 579.

A customer sent in his dry Kubota V2203E manifold and some rather good picturesof the engine and seating surface itself.
We designed and built the water cooled manifold below.

Employees, like John pictured below, make it possible to provide you with quality, ingenuity and precision day in and day out.
They are relentless.

These may look like the regular Caterpillar D399 water cooled manifolds, butthey are much more than that….
The manifolds pictured have a 316L stainless steel interior for the exhaustside. The manifolds were special ordered to withstand specific needs of ourcustomer.
Highly corrosive and volatile exhaust products limited the original Caterpillarmanifolds operability to a short life of 2-6 months.
Our customer installed our manifolds approximately three years ago and they are still up and running strong.

The US Navy required some rather large sound attenuation. The first two 316Lstainless steel mufflers are shown.

Mufflers-here are a couple of big boys built for a Power Generation Station.

H&S Marine Services (1-979-849-0191) brought us a new style Cummins 6BT 5.9LDodge Truck Engine (the new 24 valve) in need of a water cooledmanifold. The biggest difference between the Old (<1999) and the New Styleengine is that the new style has round exhaust ports where the old style hasrectangular ports. We also extended the turbo mounting flange to add some muchneeded clearance between the block and the turbo.H&S Marine Services haspropriety over this design so all inquiries should be directed to them.
New                                                                   Old

Komatsu SA6170-Turbo originally bolted to the side of the OEM water cooledmanifold. During short life cycle, vibration and the turbo’s own weight wouldshear the turbo mounting bolts. Cenac Towing contacted us to see what we coulddo.

Solution-Given the engine, we redesigned the manifold. we rotated the turbo sothat the weight was supported by hidden interior gussets, paying closeattention to the interior flow patterns. The flange that the turbo mounts towas also changed to handle more allowable stress. Harmonics and Moments ofInertia were subsequently changed to prolong manifold life. Cooling waterheadloss was actually decreased and flow was improved by the design. We doubledthe amount of vents and drains to ensure proper dearation during initial startup. The air intake also had to be modified to account for the turbo shift. Themanifold has been in the field some time now with no problems. If you would likesomething redesigned, please contact Mark Coulson at 1-251-928-1234 or or

John Deere 6068T HeatExchanger Kit- The water cooled manifold, expansion tank, and heat exchangerhave been incorporated. The tube bundle is removable for inspection and routinemaintenance. We can design an affordable kit for almost any engine. We willneed the engine and all engine specifications.

Perkins6.354 Stainless Steel Manifold. There are several different styles of 6.354.Please supply part numbers when inquiring. If you are looking for the rangefour manicooler we are glad to say that we may be able to help.. No one that we knowmanufactures the 6.354.4 yet but we do have the multicooler. Please visit our Bowman section for more details. The OEM manicooler will set you back $9 ,000 to $10,000, OUCH!!! We have an engine in route so that I can design a replacement kit to eliminate the need for the hunk of junk that for some reason Perkins decided to stick on this good engine.

We designed a stainless steel water cooledmanifold for a ski-boat racing application. The first photo shows the manifoldwithout the exhaust flanges connected, the second the flanges are present andthe manifold is ready for shipment, the third is just a different view of thesecond.

Mack E-9Intercooler. The original intercooler was not sufficient, creating to muchcrank case pressure and too high of a pressure drop. Fairfield Industriescontacted us to redesign this unit. This part was redesign anddyno’d, the results were more than satisfactory. The crank case pressure wentdown, the pressure drop went from 10# to 3# and exhaust temperature went downwithout effecting BHP. The only downside with this design is that it iscumbersome and quite heavy (approx. 200#). If you are interested in thisintercooler or the water cooled manifolds and collector riser for the Mack E-9,please contact Fairfield Industries at 1-281-275-7607.

We custom build all of our own flanges from316L Stainless Steel Spun Cast. If all you need is the flange, planning tobuild the rest yourself, please give us a call with the dimensions, and we willquote you the price.

Chet RuminskiMarine’s 6BT wet ell. Interior 625 Inconel, Exterior 316L SS. Spacing was a realissue. Alot of Cummins use the slotted flange to get away from the marmon(v-groove) clamp and still maintain some rotating capability.

Perkins 6.354 Dry Ells
SS 316L Sch 40 Pipe with spun cast marmon clamp flanges

Perkins 6.354 Wet Ells
SS 316L exterior water jacket, Inconel 625 interior exhaust runner with spuncast marmon clamp flanges

Chris Craft fresh water cooled riser for 8V53 Detroit. The original castAluminum riser was completely deteriorated around the exhaust outlet flange. Wechanged material to 316L SS and increased the material thickness.

Perkins 4.108 Wet Ell. I do not have the OEM# for this ell yet. As soon as I doI will include it in our Catalog.

Chris Craft Spray Cans. The customer brought in the original which was inpretty good condition.
We built a fixture and duplicated the part using heavy wall Stainless Steel316L.

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Marine and Engine Room Safety

Safety Links and Equipment

We do not offer the products below. I compiled this list in hopes that it may help.
Please be careful and follow the USCG and other organizations safety guidelines.
If you know of any good links or products, please email them to me at


If you know of any good links or products, please email them to me at

Fireboy Don’t know much about them but their product looks good. CO2 alarms etc,,
AQUA ALARM Alot of good alarms, cooling water loss etc…


If you know of any good links or products, please email them to me at

United States Coast Guard
Office of Boating Safety
CG Headquarters G-OPB-3
2100 Second Street SW
Washington, DC 20593

National Marine Manufacturers Association
200 East Randolph Drive Suite 5100
Chicago, IL 60601-6528

American Boat & Yacht Council, Inc.
3069 Solomon’s Island Road
Edgewater, MD 21037-1416

Marine Safety Manual

Boat Safety for All Ages

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We retail Turbos from various vendors, please provide all the information you can and we will do our best to source your part.
If your turbocharger requires rebuilding, we can help with that as well.
Some Common Models and information
3LM-3LD, 4LE-4LF,4MD-4HD, S1-S4, S1B-S4B, 4LHR, HT3B, KKK, H1C, HX30, HX35, HX40, HT60, H1E, WH1E, T3, T4,T04B, T04E, TA, TV, GT, GTP38,T30, T12, T18, HT3B, TMF, UTL, UTV

Model—————GM Part #
GM1, GM2, GM3——-10226226

3018067————-T46-NTC290 (Cummins)
3018068————-T46-NTC855 (Cummins)
3026924————-T46-NTC855 (Cummins)
3027704————-T46-VT1710 (Cummins)
3032060————-ST50-NT855 (Cummins)
3032062————-ST50-NTCC400/VTCC1710 (Cummins)
3523850————-HC5A-KTA19 (Cummins)
3524450————-HC5A-KTA38 (Cummins)
3524451————-HC5A-KTA38 (Cummins)
3525504————-HC5A-KTA19 (Cummins)
3523393————-HC5A-KTA50 (Cummins)
114400-1544———EX300-1 Excavator (Komatsu)
114400-2100———EX200-1 Excavator (Komatsu)
114400-2720———EX200-2 Excavator (Komatsu)
114400-3140———EX300-3 Excavator (Komatsu)
114400-3340———EX300-3C Excavator (Komatsu)
6151-83-8110——–PC400 Excavator (Komatsu)
6152-81-8110——–PC300 Excavator (Komatsu)
6207-81-8210——–PC200-3-5 Excavator (Komatsu)
6207-81-8331——–PC200-6 Excavator (Komatsu)
6209-81-8310——–PC220-6 Excavator (Komatsu)
43178-00530———4D31 Excavator (Mitsubishi)
49179-00110———TD06-17A Excavator (Mitsubishi)
49179-00451———E200B Excavator (Mitsubishi)
49179-02119———S6D31(TD06-17C) Excavator (Mitsubishi)
3522777————-Turbocharger 6BT H1C
3522778————-Turbocharger 6BT
3523393————-Turbocharger KTA50, HC5A
3524442————-Turbocharger, HC5A
3528789————-Turbocharger, H1E
3528793————-Turbocharger, H1E
3802289————-Turbocharger 6BT
3919153————-Turbocharger 6BT SY
4029017————-Turbocharger, WH1E
5104478————-Turbocharger 6V53T = 2990-01-151-2684 (Garret Box)
6137-81-8102——–Turbocharger, S6D105 W90-3 = 465044-0226
6137-82-8200——–Turbocharger, S6D105 PC200-3 = 465044-0261
6137-82-8600——–Turbocharger, S6D105 PC200-3 = 465044-0262
6138-82-8200——–Turbocharger, SA6D110 WA400-1/WA350-1 = 465044-0255
6138-82-8201——–Turbocharger, SA6D110 WA400-1 = 465044-0255
6150-81-8300——–Turbocharger, S6D125 D65-3 = 466152-0004
6151-81-8400——–Turbocharger, S6D125 PC300 = 466702-0001
6151-83-8210——–Turbocharger, S6D125 PC400 = 465105-0003
6152-81-8110——–Turbocharger, S6D125 PC300 = 465105-0001
6152-81-8110——–Turbocharger PC300
6152-81-8200——–Turbocharger, S6D125 HD250/HD250-3/WT250 = 465152-0001
6152-81-8210——–Turbocharger, S6D125 PC400 = 465105-0003
6152-81-8300——–Turbocharger, S6D125 WA450-1/GD705 /D60S/D75S= 466152-0002
6152-81-8310——–Turbocharger, S6D125 WA450/D75 465105-0002
6152-81-8400——–Turbocharger, PO96 FD400 466152-0003
6152-82-8500——–Turbocharger, PO96 FD400 466152-0005
6502-12-9004——–Turbocharger D355
6505-51-5190——–Turbocharger KT110 G44B
6505-52-5350——–Turbocharger KT1110 G44A
6711-81-9100——–Turbocharger D85-18
6711-81-9201——–Turbocharger D85-18

190227—————Turbine Housings T46 (Cummins)
202503—————Turbine Housings T46/ST50 (Cummins)
204244—————Turbine Housings T46/ST50 (Cummins)
3521174————–Turbine Housings HC5A (Cummins)
3522911————–Turbine Housings HC5A (Cummins)
3522914————–Turbine Housings HC5A (Cummins)
3524065————–Turbine Housings HC5A (Cummins)
3025390————–Turbo Wheel w/Shaft T46/ST50 (Cummins)
3521033————–Turbo Wheel w/Shaft HC5A (Cummins)
3521034————–Turbo Wheel w/Shaft HC5A (Cummins)
3018063————–Compressor Housing T46 (Cummins)
3018064————–Compressor Housing T46 (Cummins)
3027305————–Compressor Housing ST50 (Cummins)
3027306————–Compressor Housing ST50 (Cummins)
3523423————–Compressor Housing HC5A (Cummins)
3524861————–Compressor Housing HC5A (Cummins)
3525546————–Compressor Housing HC5A (Cummins)
3002731————–Compressor Impeller ST50 (Cummins)
3007755————–Compressor Impeller T46 (Cummins)
3011262————–Compressor Impeller ST50 (Cummins)
3012993————–Compressor Impeller T46 (Cummins)
3521918————–Compressor Impeller HC5A (Cummins)
3523420————–Compressor Impeller HC5A (Cummins)
3523553————–Compressor Impeller HC5A (Cummins)
3038745————–Bearing Housing T46/ST50 (Cummins)
3520933————–Bearing Housing HC5A (Cummins)
3524421————–Diffuser HC5A (Cummins)
3524862————–Diffuser HC5A (Cummins)
216804 ————–Support Oil Seal T46/ST50 (Cummins)
3545647————–Turbocharger Repair Kit = 3801169 HC5A
3801096————–Kit, Turbocharger, T-46, ST-50
3803042————–Kit, Turbocharger, T-46, ST-50
3803257————–Turbocharger Repair Kit = 3801169= 3546647 HC5A
3911941————–Gasket, Turbocharger
3926842————–Connection, Turbocharger
3942725————–Gasket, Turbo
6502-13-2003———Rotor, Turbo S6D155

2674398 = 465778-18 Garrett Perkins 4.236
409940-90007 T09B39 Air Research Garrett John Deere
409-250-5002 Garrett
2674A093 Garrett Perkins
2674A326 452301-1 Garrett Perkins
2674A024 3523299 Holset Perkins 6.354.4
2674374 4657785 Garrett Perkins
2674222 21I85-25 Schwitzer Perkins
2674237 181819 Schwitzer Perkins
4667469001 Garrett BSD268T
2674A024 3523299 Holset Perkins
104039-9000 T04B Garrett Perkins
2674A126 312174 Schwitzer
4176324KZ 31H9400097 Schwitzer Perkins
D4232252 Schwitzer
317960 Schwitzer
2674218 50908 Holset
2674A153 4668540001 Schwitzer
3537562 Holset
2674A093 452191-1 Garrett
4176324 Schwitzer
2674218 50908/14
2674222 53894/4

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