Here are some brief descriptions of some of thework we do.
For pictures of individual parts, please visit the online catalog and click onthe model number. I will upload pic’s as I take them.

Series 40 Detroit/ Navistar International 530E Full heat exchanger kit

This is a great kit, smooth package. Very proud of everyone involved in its creation.

If interested, please give Ken McMahan a call at 1-941-504-5978.

I hope to have a small Yanmar engine in house soon, if so-I’ll certainly upload the pics

A customer could not find a souce for this manifold, so he shipped it in and we duplicated it.

Old Ford Lehman Water Cooled Manifold                                New Ford Lehman Water Cooled Manifold

I hope to have a Perking 1004 engine in house shortly and I have a range 4 6.354 (6.354.4) in route to prototype a modular marine kit. Omitting the need for the $9000.00 manicooler!!!

Hino Turbo Chargers- The customer shipped in the original units for identification. Sourced out relatively cheap replacements all the way in Japan, small world….

CustomCollector Riser completed using Inconel 625 and Stainless Steel 316L. Patternedfrom the old failed unit.

Detroit 8V71TARH Manifold to Turbo Dry Ell oem# 51416104

Superior 8G825 Water Cooled Manifold built using an old,failed unit for a pattern.

Custom Collector Risers and ells built to order usingInconel 625 and Stainless Steel 316L

These are Water Cooled Surge Chambers using Inconel 625 andStainless Steel 316L

This is the Guascor SF240TA, a hell of an engine, with ourone piece water cooled manifold.

If interested please contact Warren with Reagan Equipment at1-800-237-3160

This is the John Deere 6081 Powertech Engine with our watercooled manifold.

If interested please contact Dale with Reagan Equipment at1-800-237-3160

Custom Water Jacketed Risers built for Klosterman Marine1-251-602-6765

Stainless Steel 316L exterior and Inconel 625 interior-builtto last

This is a Volvo 1630 that Grant Prideco sent in to have the manifold redesigned to meet EPA regulations

An individual sent in a dry manifold and some outstanding pics of the engine sothat we could build a water cooled manifold for his Kubota V2203E.

This is the redesigned interior for a Guascor center section. The turbo flangewas extended one inch to allow for more clearance on the engine.

FDGM needed a Stainless water cooled manifold to replace the existing on theIF1308 Isotta Fraschini Engine.

A Cummins distributor required this Onan V549 to be duplicated and producable,Our model 366.

The Perkins 510 Stainless Steel Water Cooled Manifold and Riser, our models 565and 578.
Our manifold has its centerline pushed away from the engine approximately oneinch.

This is a 316L stainless steel Perkins 6.354.4 water cooled turbo adapter. OurModel 579.

A customer sent in his dry Kubota V2203E manifold and some rather good picturesof the engine and seating surface itself.
We designed and built the water cooled manifold below.

Employees, like John pictured below, make it possible to provide you with quality, ingenuity and precision day in and day out.
They are relentless.

These may look like the regular Caterpillar D399 water cooled manifolds, butthey are much more than that….
The manifolds pictured have a 316L stainless steel interior for the exhaustside. The manifolds were special ordered to withstand specific needs of ourcustomer.
Highly corrosive and volatile exhaust products limited the original Caterpillarmanifolds operability to a short life of 2-6 months.
Our customer installed our manifolds approximately three years ago and they are still up and running strong.

The US Navy required some rather large sound attenuation. The first two 316Lstainless steel mufflers are shown.

Mufflers-here are a couple of big boys built for a Power Generation Station.

H&S Marine Services (1-979-849-0191) brought us a new style Cummins 6BT 5.9LDodge Truck Engine (the new 24 valve) in need of a water cooledmanifold. The biggest difference between the Old (<1999) and the New Styleengine is that the new style has round exhaust ports where the old style hasrectangular ports. We also extended the turbo mounting flange to add some muchneeded clearance between the block and the turbo.H&S Marine Services haspropriety over this design so all inquiries should be directed to them.
New                                                                   Old

Komatsu SA6170-Turbo originally bolted to the side of the OEM water cooledmanifold. During short life cycle, vibration and the turbo’s own weight wouldshear the turbo mounting bolts. Cenac Towing contacted us to see what we coulddo.

Solution-Given the engine, we redesigned the manifold. we rotated the turbo sothat the weight was supported by hidden interior gussets, paying closeattention to the interior flow patterns. The flange that the turbo mounts towas also changed to handle more allowable stress. Harmonics and Moments ofInertia were subsequently changed to prolong manifold life. Cooling waterheadloss was actually decreased and flow was improved by the design. We doubledthe amount of vents and drains to ensure proper dearation during initial startup. The air intake also had to be modified to account for the turbo shift. Themanifold has been in the field some time now with no problems. If you would likesomething redesigned, please contact Mark Coulson at 1-251-928-1234 or or

John Deere 6068T HeatExchanger Kit- The water cooled manifold, expansion tank, and heat exchangerhave been incorporated. The tube bundle is removable for inspection and routinemaintenance. We can design an affordable kit for almost any engine. We willneed the engine and all engine specifications.

Perkins6.354 Stainless Steel Manifold. There are several different styles of 6.354.Please supply part numbers when inquiring. If you are looking for the rangefour manicooler we are glad to say that we may be able to help.. No one that we knowmanufactures the 6.354.4 yet but we do have the multicooler. Please visit our Bowman section for more details. The OEM manicooler will set you back $9 ,000 to $10,000, OUCH!!! We have an engine in route so that I can design a replacement kit to eliminate the need for the hunk of junk that for some reason Perkins decided to stick on this good engine.

We designed a stainless steel water cooledmanifold for a ski-boat racing application. The first photo shows the manifoldwithout the exhaust flanges connected, the second the flanges are present andthe manifold is ready for shipment, the third is just a different view of thesecond.

Mack E-9Intercooler. The original intercooler was not sufficient, creating to muchcrank case pressure and too high of a pressure drop. Fairfield Industriescontacted us to redesign this unit. This part was redesign anddyno’d, the results were more than satisfactory. The crank case pressure wentdown, the pressure drop went from 10# to 3# and exhaust temperature went downwithout effecting BHP. The only downside with this design is that it iscumbersome and quite heavy (approx. 200#). If you are interested in thisintercooler or the water cooled manifolds and collector riser for the Mack E-9,please contact Fairfield Industries at 1-281-275-7607.

We custom build all of our own flanges from316L Stainless Steel Spun Cast. If all you need is the flange, planning tobuild the rest yourself, please give us a call with the dimensions, and we willquote you the price.

Chet RuminskiMarine’s 6BT wet ell. Interior 625 Inconel, Exterior 316L SS. Spacing was a realissue. Alot of Cummins use the slotted flange to get away from the marmon(v-groove) clamp and still maintain some rotating capability.

Perkins 6.354 Dry Ells
SS 316L Sch 40 Pipe with spun cast marmon clamp flanges

Perkins 6.354 Wet Ells
SS 316L exterior water jacket, Inconel 625 interior exhaust runner with spuncast marmon clamp flanges

Chris Craft fresh water cooled riser for 8V53 Detroit. The original castAluminum riser was completely deteriorated around the exhaust outlet flange. Wechanged material to 316L SS and increased the material thickness.

Perkins 4.108 Wet Ell. I do not have the OEM# for this ell yet. As soon as I doI will include it in our Catalog.

Chris Craft Spray Cans. The customer brought in the original which was inpretty good condition.
We built a fixture and duplicated the part using heavy wall Stainless Steel316L.

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