BEAIRD Maxim Silencers


Quick Reference Guide In simple terms, silencing is the act of reducing noise to an acceptable level for the location or working conditions surrounding the noise producing equipment. These silencers readily solve the noise problems of many applications. Comparison of the typical attenuation curves for individual silencer models will show the relative capabilities of different designs.Silencer Sizing Sheet Introductory information that is needed to properly size a silencer to meet your needs.  Sizing data requested is minimum required to size a silencer. Other pertinent data such as connection sizes, degree of silencing desired, support arrangements, material of construction, installation arrangement, etc. are helpful in determining the best silencer application.Installation and Operating Instructions Basic installation and operating instructions for silencers.  Detailing the correct exhaust pipe length as well as support methods for the different models of silencers.Accessories Accessories available as modifications to stock silencers include flexible connectors, companion flanges, mounting brackets, cleanouts and spark boxes.Specification Sheets Complete specifications for the entire Maxim line.  Each model is detailed and described.Cross Reference Cross Reference Chart
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