Credit App

Credit Application

General Conditions of Sale

1. The Undersigned certifies that the information is correct, and thatit is submitted for the purpose of obtaining credit, and agrees to allthe following terms and conditions of sale of the company whom it is submitted.

2. Payment Term: Net 30 days from invoice date
A time price differential of 1-1/2% per month will be charged on accountsmore than thirty (30) days past due. The time price differential is anannual percentage of 18%.

3. Should it become necessary to place this account for collection,suit or other legal proceeding, the Undersigned agrees to pay all costand expenses of collection, suit or other legal action, including a reasonableattorney’s fee and, if necessary, appellate fee.

4. The Undersigned hereby waives any and all privileges and rights whichthey may have under _____________ state statues, relating to venue, asit now exist or may here after be amended and further the Undersigned agreesthat any legal action brought for collection of past due accounts, maybe brought in the appropriate court in Baldwin County, State of Alabama.

Signed ________________

Title ________________

Date ________________

The Undersigned being the ________________, of the above referencedfirm, does hereby, for valuable consideration and the extension of creditto the above set forth firm, personally guarantee payment of any and allmonies to Marine Exhaust Systems of Alabama, Inc. an Alabama Corporation

From ______________________

By ______________________


Date ______________________

Credit Application

The following information is given in confidence to secure the grantingto purchase materials and/or service from Marine Exhaust Systems of Alabama,Inc. to verify and/or all information given and of applicant it deemednecessary.


Address __________________________________________________

Phone _______________ Date Started________________

# Employees________________Officers________________

Nature of Business_______________________________________________

Proprietorship____Partnership____Corporation_____ (Check One)

Principle Owner(s) or Officer(s) are:

Name Title ________________________________________________

Residence Address ________________________________________________

Residence phone ________________

Are purchase orders issued?_________ By whom?__________________________

Trade References

Name Address Phone

______________________ ______________________ ______________________

______________________ ______________________ ______________________

______________________ ______________________ ______________________

Bank Accounts

Name of Bank Phone Type of Account Account #

______________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

______________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

Are your financial records available for the last two accounting periods?________________

Social Security Number or Federal ID Number________________

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